Health - 05 tips to protect yourself from the heat wave

05 tips to protect yourself from the heat wave

The heat wave is generally a difficult period to live. Here are a few tips to protect yourself during this period of great heat. Dress lightly Whether you are going to work or at home, dress lightly. Choose light colors and avoid synthetic materials as much as possible, which will only make you hotter. If possible, choose loose-fitting clothing to provide as much air as possible. Stay hydrated as much as possible Drink a lot. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink. And above all, choose water, iced or still.Avoid alcohol and sodas, which will only dehydrate you even more. If you can, take a water bottle to the office. Eat even healthier Avoid fatty foods during the heat wave. Otherwise, digestion could slow your metabolism even more. This is because digestion raises your body...