05 tips to protect yourself from the heat wave

The heat wave is generally a difficult period to live. Here are a few tips to protect yourself during this period of great heat.

Dress lightly

Whether you are going to work or at home, dress lightly. Choose light colors and avoid synthetic materials as much as possible, which will only make you hotter. If possible, choose loose-fitting clothing to provide as much air as possible.

Stay hydrated as much as possible

Drink a lot. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink. And above all, choose water, iced or still.Avoid alcohol and sodas, which will only dehydrate you even more. If you can, take a water bottle to the office.

Eat even healthier

Avoid fatty foods during the heat wave. Otherwise, digestion could slow your metabolism even more. This is because digestion raises your body temperature. Eating foods that are difficult to digest can make you tired and increase body heat. It is advisable to eat healthier. Choose green vegetables. Don't forget lettuce or cucumber which could help you to be more hydrated.

Close your entrances during the day and air out at night

During the day, as the temperature is often high, it is advisable to close doors, windows, curtains and shutters. However, make sure the temperature outside is higher than the temperature inside. This way, you can keep the interior cool and limit heat infiltration.

Unlike during the day, the temperature is generally milder at night. So take advantage of this by opening the entrances to keep the house cool throughout the night. Don't forget to close everything as soon as the sun rises, before the temperature rises again.

Limit the use of electrical appliances

Electronic devices tend to raise the temperature inside your home even when they are on standby. The same goes for electric lights. Reducing the use of them allows you to reduce the indoor heat in turn. So avoid using your ovens, hotplates and other appliances too often. Turn them on only when you really need them.