Why equip your home with a surveillance camera ?

The installation of a surveillance system is increasingly an effective solution to ensure the security of your home. Unfortunately, only 8% of French homes are equipped with this type of system. If you are still hesitating, here are some good reasons to let yourself be tempted.

To dissuade burglars

A surveillance camera scans the surroundings of your house depending on where you have installed it. The installation of a surveillance camera linked to an alarm system can reduce to 25% the risk of burglary in your home. The mere sight of a surveillance camera can deter a thief from entering your home or from committing his crime. In addition, most of these gadgets work with a built-in motion detector. They start filming in case of noise or suspicious movement.

To have evidence

Surveillance cameras are increasingly advanced. Most are now equipped with an audio system, providing you with high quality images and a perfectly audible sound. Thus, in case of burglary, you have at your disposal indemonstrable evidence that can help the police in the process of identification and arrest of the culprits.

To receive an alert in case of intrusion in your home

Your camera also serves as an alert in the event that it detects an anomaly. If it is associated with a security system, the dual anti-intrusion protection feature is triggered and the sensors of your camera automatically activate the surveillance system.

So you can go on vacation with peace of mind, without stress. A surveillance camera gives you an extra guarantee that your home will be safe even when you are away. Most surveillance cameras today have a very advanced technological system that allows you to keep an eye on your home from a distance. The slightest alert is transmitted to your smartphone or tablet instantly so you can act as soon as possible.

To keep an eye on your home and its occupants

The surveillance camera is not only used to ensure your safety. You can also use it to monitor your children or the elderly living in your home. This will prevent you from being worried once you are out of your home.


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